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Parliament extension proposal achieved desired results: MP…Apr Nicolas Fattoush dan penghancur 14, 2017 East Lebanon lawmaker Nicolas Fattoush Friday said that his proposal to renew the Parliament's mandate for a year had been to prevent the"The Fattoush Phenomenon" (April 2004) -…The incident began on April 5, during a vigorous parliamentary debate on the 2004 budget, when Zahle MP Nicolas Fattoush took the floor and declared that the [email protected]

MP Fattoush proposes urgent draft law to renew…

Apr 11, 2017 Zahle MP Nicolas Fattoush Tuesday proposed an urgent draft law to renew the Parliament's mandate for a year, local media reported, sparking >> Dapatkan Harga

Nicolas Fattoush | Al Akhbar English

Lebanese State Minister Nicolas Fattoush owes back taxes of around 20 billion Lebanese Lira ($13.25 million) on his company's profits and his capital. >> Dapatkan Harga

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